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From food explorer to adventurous eater 

Six-Week series
limited to ten students per class
A journey to "taste the rainbow"


Play to Learn

Lil Foodies class supports anxious eaters to  interact with healthy foods in playful, non-stressful ways.  Our goal is to decrease negative associations around food while increasing positive experiences, before it becomes a part of a child’s identity and preference. Activities are designed to gradually introduce all sensory experiences, including tasting, at the child's pace. Children learn new vocabulary to describe sensory properties of food (i.e., crispy, crunchy, soft, slimy) instead of generalizing dismissive words. Lil Foodies class is dedicated to impacting the long-term food preferences and wellness of children in our community.

Rainbow Food Art.jpg

A Word From Our Families

"My son (4) loved the class so much! Such a fun experience - he learned oodles and had fun without even knowing he was being introduced to foods.  10/10 - for anyone on the fence, definitely go for it!"
Cropped image of attractive young woman and her little cute daughter are cooking on kitche
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